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Multi Profile Stud & Track Roll Former DST600

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Multi Profile Stud & Track Roll Former DST200

The DST600 machine which named Drywall metal stud and track machine, is specialized produce multi profiles stud and tracks with just one machine. They are used on interior wall framing and non-bearing wall framing. The non-bearing studs has light weight, thinner thickness and faster assembling features. The DST600 is an automatically size changing machine. It just take 60 seconds to change the maximum stud size to the minimum stud size. Width the auto bundle device and the auto stacking machine, the machine can help our clients to save $100, 000 labor cost yearly.

Profile Drawing:

Components for DST600
Part 13T automatic de-coilerset1 
Part 2Coil feeding & Leveling systemset1 
Part 3Roll forming systemset1Gear box transmission
Part 4Fly punching systemset1 
Part 5Servo fly cutting systemset1 
Part 6PLC control stationset1 
Part 7Hydraulic systemset1 
Part 8Packing systemset1Full automatically
Part 9Tools & Spare partsset1Includes operation manual
Part 10 Inkjet printerset1 

Machine Flow Chart Layout:

Multi Profile Stud & Track Roll Former DST200

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Machine Pictures:

Steel Coil Specs
Raw MaterialGalvanized Steel & H.R
Material Thickness20-25gauge
Yield Strength250Mpa-450Mpa
Tensile Strength350Mpa-500Mpa
Multi Profile Stud & Track Roll Former DST200
Part 1: Hydraulic De-coiler
Loading Capacity3 Ton
ApplicationIt is used to support the steel coil and uncoil it in a turntable way. Hydraulic power tensioning and loosening, automatic feeding.
Coil Inner Diameter450-550 mm (adjustable)
Coil Width300 mm
Multi Profile Stud & Track Roll Former DST200
Part 2&3:  Leveling & roll forming system
Note: 1) There is hand wheel on the feeding part, easy for you adjust the feeding size when produce different sizes of products 2) The guiding device, easy for the material go into the machine smoothly and quickly. 3) Please check the yellow box, there is oil drip device on the feeding part, it can make oils on the products, to protect the final products against corrosion 4) We use split rollers to make one machine to produce different sizes of drywall studs, you can adjust the size automatically by PLC
Multi Profile Stud & Track Roll Former DST200
Rolling shaftShaft material: 45# steelPlease check photos on right side, it is show you when you produce different size of stud or track, just adjust the wheel manually, the roller spacer will form to the size you need, and produce the profile you asked.
Shaft diameter: 50 mmMulti Profile Stud & Track Roll Former DST200Multi Profile Stud & Track Roll Former DST200
Tempering treatment
RollerRoller material: Cr12
Quenched treatment
Rolling station number18 stations
Work speed0-45 m/min
Machine frameBase use high quality H steel; Vertical iron arch casting frame structure
BearingChinese famous brand Harbin ( high quality)
Work power7.5 kw+11kw
TransmissionBy Gear box
Part 4:  PLC Control System
Note: There are two screens on the PLC control station, one screen is used to set the product size you want to produce, then the machine will adjust automatically according to what you set, another screen is used to set the speed, length and other specifications of the machine.
Frequency brandDelta (original)
PLC & Screen brandXinjie, China
Screen typeTouch screen & buttons
Screen languageEnglish/Chinese
Low pressure electrical part brandSchneider
Function1. Computer used to control length & quantity. Machine will automatically cut to length and stop when required quantity is achieved;
2. Length inaccuracy can be amended easily
Part 4: Hydraulic System
FeatureThe cutter with different sizes according to the product dimension.
Work typeServo flying Hydraulic cutting system Servo flying Punching system
Servo motor powerYASKAWA 2.3 kw
Hydraulic power5.5+5.5 kw
Driving methodBy pillar type Cylinder
Cutter materialGB-Cr12
Cutting length tolerance±1mm
Cutting featureFlying cutting. When the machine cutting it will not stop
Multi Profile Stud & Track Roll Former DST200
Part 5: Automatic stacker & bundling machine
This device automatically packs studs and track members and then auto bundles with belts. Then transfer the bundled studs to the ground conveyor.
Multi Profile Stud & Track Roll Former DST200Multi Profile Stud & Track Roll Former DST200Multi Profile Stud & Track Roll Former DST200
Table quantity1 set
Profile lengthWithin 4m per piece
Maximum speed70m per minute
Dimension8.5m x 2.5m


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