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CZ Purlin Automatic Stacking System KD20-300

  • Cz Purlin Automatic Stacking System Kd20-300
  • Cz Purlin Automatic Stacking System Kd20-300
  • Cz Purlin Automatic Stacking System Kd20-300
  • Cz Purlin Automatic Stacking System Kd20-300

Product Description

KD20-300 is a fully automatic stacking system that can handle the Cee, U and Zee purlins range from width 120~400mm, flange from 40-125mm, thickness 1.5mm-4.0mm, length from 3m-12m.

it consists of front roller conveyor, tilting system, transmission roller, portal frame, cane, vacuum cover, Magnetic suction cup & etc.

Designed for high-volume purlin producers this purlin stacker will give you the fastest cycle times and highest level of flexibility you have been searching for.

Main features as below:

1.Installation location requirements: length 15m, width 7.6m, height 3.5m

Cz Purlin Automatic Stacking System Kd20-300

2. Staking speed: CU 2-3pcss/min, Z 3pcs/min, compatible with CZU roll forming machine speed

3. Profile maximum length can support up to 14m.

4. Two-axis robotic arm, servo motor Z-axis 4.4KW, Y-axis 2KW, 3 sets of electromagnets, load-bearing 200kgs/piece maximum.

5. Palletizing method: electronically controlled permanent magnet handling,

6. Flip buffer and edge: pneumatic buffer, pneumatic alignment edge

7. The double-axis gripper can directly give way to the stacking position and can be dropped directly

8. Production process: frame, parts are galvanized, painted, chrome-plated, export standard

Cz Purlin Automatic Stacking System Kd20-300
Cz Purlin Automatic Stacking System Kd20-300

 Why Choose FrameTec

FrameTec is a specialized manufacture focusing in high quality roll forming equiments for the construction of light steel frame structure & cold formed steel structures.

Since 2009, FrameTec insists on cooperating with customers as a partner and actively provides effective solutions to ensure reliable product performance, advanced technology and easy operation, and promote users to a higher position in the fierce market competition.

All Frametec machines have a built in Windows based machine control which accepts a basic CSV file from a range of design software options that link to our machine. This gives freedom of choice to the customer.

FrameTec specializes in Designing and Manufacturing Steel Framing Machines for Wall Panels, Trusses and Floor Joists in: 

  • Residential and Commercial buildings
  • Steel framed systems for modular & prefabricated buildings
  • Walls framed for low and high rise buildings
  • Walling, floors, beams, roofing, kitchen & bathroom pods
  • Storage, recreational, transportable dwellings

FrameTec, the intelligent manufacturing solution provider for multi-storey prefabricated buildings !

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