Frametec specializes in the production of light steel framing machines and CZ purlin machines. These machines are used to produce steel framing profiles for residential & commercial building and CZ purlins for industrial construction.

Frametec has been focusing on light steel framing machines and CZ purlin machines since 2009. This experience in the industry ensures that they have a deep understanding of the requirements and challenges involved in producing these components.

A manufacturer that focuses on light steel framing machines and CZ purlin machines can offer specialized expertise and solutions tailored to the specific needs of the industry. This can result in higher-quality products and more efficient production processes.

Yes, Frametec offers 15 after-sales support for oversea debugging and technical support. This ensures that customers receive the necessary assistance and guidance to properly operate and maintain the machine.

Yes, Frametec has many standard machine models that are equipped with mature technology and come with a full spare parts package. This ensures the quality of the machine and helps to minimize problem-solving time in case of issues.

Currently we have the CZ purlin machine range from 50-450mm width profile, and light steel framing machine for 1-6 stories building.

Yes, Frametec can provide customized solutions based on specific needs and requirements. This can include fitting the industrial voltage, profile sizes, holes punching, machine appearance, modifying existing machine models or developing entirely new machines to meet unique production needs.

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