Light Steel Structure Advantages For Contractors

Light Steel Structure Advantages For Contractors

Comparing With Reinforced Concrete Buildings;

  • Clean Worksite, No Cement, No Mold.
  • Long Working Periods. Light Steel Don’T Effect At “Cold-Hot Weather Conditions”.
  • Silent Worksites.
  • Less Working Hours.
  • Light Steel Structure, Not Harmful To The Environment And Its Recyclable.
  • Notably Reducing Loads.
  • Healthy Worksite For Everyone.
  • Easy And More Defined, Occupational Safety And Health Administration.
  • Light Steel With Suitable For Shielding Fully Satisfies Legal Fire And Thermal Requirements.
  • Less Rough Construction Costs. (~117 €/M² In Europe Cif Price)
  • Defined, Controlled Production System.
  • Satisfies Any Kind Of Norm. (For Static Report, For Raw Materials, For Supports And Connection Components)
  • The Considerable Weight Receiving Enables Savings With Regard To The Foundations, Making It Easier To Build On Difficult Terrain Or With Constraints.
  • Easy Erection Doesn’T Need High Technical Skills, That’S Makes It Easier To Find Staff. Less Skilled Staff Means, Save Money.
  • Easy To Erection, Restrain Worker Errors And Incidental Costs.
  • Contractor Can Increase Their Turnover.
  • Build More In A Less Time: On Average It Is Guesstimate That Light Frame Steel Constructions Take 40% Less Time To Build. With Our Qualified Erection Teams, Deliver More Projects In Less Time, Thus Increasing Your Profit.
  • Industrial Standardization Of The Fabrication Reduces The Cost Price & Workshop Pre-Erection Accelerates The Duration Of The Worksite. Furthermore, Steel Is Not Sensitive To Bad Weather (No Worksite Stoppages)
Light Steel Structure Advantages For Contractors

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