Frametec MF200 Multi Profile Stud & Track Roll Forming System

MF200 Light Steel Framing Machine – a versatile and efficient solution for all your construction needs. With a range of profiles that span from 75mm to 220mm in width and thickness up to 1.60mm, this multi-profile machine is perfect for creating walls, floors, roofs, and more for residential and light commercial projects up to five stories high. Whether you’re building a modular house, transportable units, or custom structures such as solar panel frames, the MF200 can handle it all. This machine is designed with precision and efficiency in mind, allowing for quick and easy operation. With its advanced technology and superior engineering, you can expect excellent results with every use. The MF200 Light Steel Framing Machine is the perfect choice for any construction project that requires durability, strength, and flexibility. Let us help you bring your construction ideas to life with the MF200 Light Steel Framing Machine.

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