Frametec DST100 Automatic Multi-profile Drywall Stud & Track Roll Former

DST1000 multi-profile Drywall stud & track roll former, a versatile and high-performance solution for your drywall framing needs. With a width range from 41-155mm, this multi-profile machine is designed to deliver precise and efficient manufacturing of drywall profiles. Equipped with an automatic stacking system for CU profiles, and featuring full automatic size-changing capabilities, the DST1000 offers unparalleled production efficiency, reducing downtime and increasing throughput. Whether you’re manufacturing for residential or commercial projects, this machine is the ideal solution for drywall system framing. Our team of experts has worked hard to create a machine that is easy to operate and maintain, while also delivering top-quality results. With the DST1000, you can rest assured that you are getting a reliable and durable machine that will help you meet your production targets with ease. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose the DST1000 for your drywall framing needs.

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